DeBord Construction - Built in tradition,
Growing through Quality and Detail.

Christopher DeBord,
Carpenter and Owner,
Gertie the Boneyard Dog
Uncle Don at work
Circa 1986

Why we are where we are today...

Because we just are. I believe that no choice is ever a wrong choice, just a new direction. Sometimes we choose those directions and sometimes we are grabbed by the ear and led down a new path. What we do on that new path is what defines us as a person. I say no regret for what has passed, because had anything - a decision, a false step, a conversation - been done differently, we wouldn't be standing in the very spot where we are standing today. So, I always say onward.

After 18 years in the high tech field, three years in South America, and plenty of time on planes, I decided it was time for a change. I had purchased half of a Boston Brownstone in 1996 and spent much time in gutting and re-shaping its interior. I found I had an eye and a touch for doing it right. With goading from friends that finally overcame my own reluctance, I started my own construction company in 2002 and received my Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License in 2006.

On being green...

I am emphatic about operating my business and job sites with reduce, reuse, and recycle always in the forefront. I do my best to reduce the amount of trash we generate by doing surgical demolitions. This keeps refuse out of the landfills and puts perfectly good old growth timber back to use. I also ensure that any cardboard or recyclable material is bundled for recycling pick up. Usable appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures and building products are donated to the Boston Building Material Resource Center. These practices are good for the environment and save my customers money.